Lavender Fields Facial Serum
Lavender Fields Facial Serum
Lavender Fields Facial Serum

Lavender Fields Facial Serum

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This decadent yet simple Face serum was named after one of my best friends, Amy.  I was in the process of custom formulating a serum that was so rich, and emollient! A luxury product.  I have been working on this formula for a few years.. just perfecting it! I had finally perfected the simple ingredients and balance, and she showed me these gorgeous images of her in a Lavender Field.  Everything you see in that picture is what I would want to bottle up and give to you. Natural beauty where you feel beautiful in your own skin, being free, breathing in all that delicious lavender, a moment in time that is just for you. So this is where the name came from..the inspiration and it made me think of her so this product represents all good things and so does she!

You can apply this in a few different ways. Cleanse your skin, pat dry with a cotton towel. Then apply a few drops of your lavender serum, massage delicately into the skin, and bring down to your neck and decollete. Take a moment and breathe in the light lavender scent of the essential oils.

Another amazing way to use this product if you are very dry is to use this as an oil cleanser, just massage into your skin, splash with warm water and towel cry, You will need to use your cotton face rounds to remove eye makeup and this serum is my heavier than the wallflower cleansing oil. I would say that this is more for a rich hydration cleanser for a very dry skin type if using it as a cleanser which I do in the winter months!

This product is also amazing for a facial steam! You can cleanse your skin, take a pot of steaming water, let it simmer a moment, you just want to see the warm steam rising.. be careful it is easy to get to close. Apply a few drops of this oil into the pot, with a tea bag that is gentle like Chamomile or Green tea, I stay away from peppermint for the face steam.... Green tea is amazing..and soothing. Place your face over the steam, put a towel on your head to hold in all of the steam. Breathe in! Make sure you get the benefits of the steam opening up your pores. Once you have had enough, remover your face, pat dry with your cotton towel and apply your lavender face serum to your skin! All of the oils and benefits of each are ready to be absorbed!

I love to apply this product in the evening and sometimes in the morning. Now for the evening I love warmth, So I cleanse and place a warm cloth rag onto my face, and then I apply the serum with a little massage! 

In the morning, I love COLD.. I need to depuff! So I wash my face. let it dry naturally, I apply some of my Lavender serum, then I grab my Stone jade roller from the freezer and I roll gently under my eyes, down my cheeks, and neck.. it is the most amazing feeling in the world.. and so revitalizing!


Vitamin E PURE, Sunflower oil, Avocado oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea nut oil. Lavender Essential Oil. Simple and clean. Cruelty Free, NO parabens, No chemicals, all naturally derived. Preserved by the raw Vitamin E that is a gorgoeus golden amber shade!

2 ounces of pure heaven

Please make sure to keep your serum out of direct sunlight and warmth. You want this is a cool dry area, xo

Due to Covid there have been many shortages, with ingredients, or packaging. Luckily I have always been able to find another reseller for organic, cruelty free ingredients for my products. However the challenge has been packaging, jars, tubes, spray bottles. Many businesses are hit so hard by the pandemic, and demand they can't keep up or there are major delays and backorders. When you order a product you will always receive the exact amount if not MORE, however there may be times the packaging is not identical to what you see in the picture. I will always try to replace with a jar, bottle or tube  that is very similar. ONLY if need be. Thank you for understanding and love and light to you and yours always! Love, Nicole and Liv