About Us

Welcome to Liv Free Beauty!

We are so excited to share with you a little bit about us, and how Liv Free Beauty came to life!

My name is Nicole Palermo and my lifelong passion has been makeup artistry, and making people feel lifted up and special. Beauty of course has a different meaning to all of us, and for me Happy is beautiful. Feeling pampered, adding little touches to your natural beauty and bringing out things about yourself that you love, or things you may not see. As an artist, I have always wanted to touch people's lives and hearts.

Over the last 30 years, I have dedicated my career, to makeup and doing makeup for weddings, photo-shoots, special events, documentaries for businesses, some film and I also run a photography business which goes hand and hand with makeup! I am also passionate about clean beauty, vegan beauty, plant-based ingredients that are healthy for our skin, and I love animals like I love my family, so cruelty-free on every level. My home is filled with rescue fur babies, and my beautiful daughter Liv, who loves animals as much as I do!

Two years ago, my daughter Liv was graduating high school, life was bright and everything I had hoped for as a mother was happening for Liv. She came home from senior week, and within three months her life was turned sadly upside down.  She was having trouble talking, and her fingers started twitching. Within three months she had 100 horrific symptoms Liv fought with every ounce of her being, and finally after three months of hardship and horrific misdiagnosis daily we had our diagnosis. Olivia had NMDAR Encephalitis. The movie "Brain on Fire," which depicted Susan Callahan's life, was now the story of my daughter's life. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain (it's under attack), either by an infection in the brain or an autoimmune response where your immune system creates antibodies to ward off infection; however, these antibodies travel to the brain and attack it, causing the swelling and numerous, physical, neurological and mental symptoms. https://www.encephalitis.info/

We were so fortunate, to have amazing doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and our friends and family that supported our family, and helped our daughter to make a full recovery! One year of infusions and medication that stopped the antibodies from attacking her brain. Olivia made a full recovery and is doing beautifully. Happy, healthy, attending college to be a nurse, living life the fullest... Free of worry, and fears she embraces every moment, every second and has a strength that helped save her life and taught us how to take time to smell the roses! It was time for us to all make our dreams come true and go for it!

During her recovery, I was living in pure joy knowing she was going to get through this and heal and I started to feel light again, every day felt like the moment they placed her in my arms when she was born.  Every day I watched her live fearlessly and in the moment. She re-inspired every part of my life, and that is how Liv Free Beauty came to life. Through her beautiful soul being free from a disease that could have taken her from us, free from worry and fears, free from anything that could hold her down. She brought light back in, and that moment I learned everything I had to do through her. I felt REINSPIRED and my soul felt light as a feather again. After she dyed her hair lavender, she got a little nose ring and started doing everything that made her happy!  I asked myself one question, what do you really want to do, and what makes you as excited as live concerts, Starbucks and the beach with her friends makes her!?

It was simple – I LOVE HEALTHY PRODUCTS. I can't get enough! I love being a cruelty-free makeup artist and photographer and I did not want to let that go, and I love more than anything clean products for my family, cruelty-free beauty products, and of course, I love animals and want to save them all.

So I had to jump in and be fearless and bring it all to life. I did that and I decided Liv Free Beauty was going to be a beautiful umbrella, company for my very own custom formulated products, and vegan, cruelty-free product lines from all over the world! I was going to make a change and I believe every positive thing you do in life, creates a ripple effect for more positive things to come! 

A portion of all proceeds will go to encephalitis awareness or rescuing abused farm animals.

Light and Love to you all!

Nicole & Liv