Coffee Bean Eye Balm
Coffee Bean Eye Balm
Coffee Bean Eye Balm
Coffee Bean Eye Balm
Coffee Bean Eye Balm
Coffee Bean Eye Balm

Coffee Bean Eye Balm

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Hi Everyone!

TIME TO CELEBRATE, and toast with a cup of coffee of course!!!! After Months of working so hard to reformulate our coffee bean eye balm.. due to our custom formulator having to shut  down her business after covid. It is finally ready!!!!!!!!! Our new but still the same amazingness... and original ingredients.... COFFEE Bean Eye balm is finally here and I am so excited to share it with you.... We worked tirelessly to create a rich product that still had all of the same amazing attributes that we loved.  

We found all of the same ingredients from cruelty free suppliers , and added in two SPOTLIGHT ingredients that we love to refer to as the super stars of the show. SHEA BUTTER FROM GHANA and a caffeine INFUSION.. oh the COFFEE gods would be proud...  I have to say I put my heart into, bringing this product, that so many of you love back on our shelves for GOOD!!!!!!!! It is not easy to match a formula that someone else has created, however this is new and quite amazing.  It is also a product my under eyes can't live without.. and I use this on my neck also, and dry patches.  

The Coffee Bean Eye Balm is pure heaven, do you love the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, a big warm cup ready for you!? Ahh this eye balm treatment is like nothing you have ever tried before! RICH, velvety smooth, a balm-like texture, decadent and thick!  I love to use this at night after I cleanse my skin. Apply just a touch to the delicate area around your eyes, above and under, it is also amazing on any fine lines and down your neck or little dry patches, you may have on your elbows or knees.  The ingredients melt into your skin and this is also wonderful for crows feet or expression lines. As you sleep the magic happens!

As you apply to the delicate area around your eyes you will feel tiny little beads.. that melt and gently slough off dead skin... the butters and oils drench your skin in pure goodness.. it is such a dreamy; SPA product. The scent wakes you up like a fresh cup of coffee!!!!!!!

Ingredients coming soon.. NEW Star ingredients that make this product even more luxurious.. xo

More amazing attributes for THE COFFEE BEAN EYE BALM
*RICH and luxurious
*vegan and cruelty free
*Tested for a year on family and friends
*No parabens
*all pure ingredients No fillers
*Made for morning and night
*created with the best ESSENTIAL OILS
*Smells like a fresh cup of coffee with cocoa but not too strong. xo
*Amazing for DRY, puffy, tired eyes.. helps to soften lines.. De-puff and smooth out the thin skin under the eyes.. HYDRATION BEYOND
*CAFFEIENE infused... the most important new change to this product that to us is absolutely essential.. the benefits are endless.
Caffeine, oh how we love you.. forever... and ever!
BENEFITS: when applied topically to the under-eye area, it may help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes which we all tend to have in the am and after a long day..
It constricts the blood vessels under the skin, and this in effect reduces the “puffiness” under your eyes and takes those little travel bags AWAY.. reducing the swelling in this area. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, oh how I love this word.. lol meaning it has a shrinking effect I wish I could use this for my tummy too but for now we will focus on under the eyes.. It shrinks the blood vessels. surrounding the eye area. It also gets things moving. And boosts the microcirculation. When this happens, it helps the delicate area you are focused on, in ABSORBING other ingredients and benefits of those ingredients..
Our Coffee Bean eye balm is infused with ORGANIC espresso coffee...and cocoa!
THE SUPER STAR INGREDIENT that has been added a rich shea butter created from GHANA. Ethically sourced and honestly it is not like any other shea I have worked with in custom making skin-care.

Due to Covid there have been many shortages, with ingredients, or packaging. Luckily I have always been able to find another reseller for organic, cruelty free ingredients for my products. However the challenge has been packaging, jars, tubes, spray bottles. Many businesses are hit so hard by the pandemic, and demand they can't keep up or there are major delays and backorders. When you order a product you will always receive the exact amount if not MORE, however there may be times the packaging is not identical to what you see in the picture. I will always try to replace with a jar, bottle or tube  that is very similar. ONLY if need be. Thank you for understanding and love and light to you and yours always! Love, Nicole and Liv